What we do

We provide a comprehensive schedule of services to include services not listed below such as project cost and accounting management, developing City-required manuals such as a Waste Management Plan, ADA compliance, owner's utility conservation and rebate programs, owner's responsibilities and participation with sustainable impact and conversation efforts, and offer post-construction contract services for up to a year for tax reporting assistance, warranty, and maintenance compliance.

Design Development

We collaborate with the client's design team and franchise brand design team in developing concepts that meet the owner's expectations while complying with brand and City building codes and requirements.  We participate in franchise brand PIP inspections and collaborate with field inspectors on behalf of the owner, follow through with required changes, and ensure the owner's compliance with the franchise agreement.

Construction Management

We manage the bid process, competitive analysis, contract negotiations, contract management, contractor vetting, site safety compliance, emergency preparedness, site security, low voltage contract, FF&E, OS&E, receiving, site logistics, inventory, staging, and oversee contractor's compliance with SWPPP, City ordinance, OSHA credentials, insurances, licenses, labor relations, EEO Plan, BPM, CALGreen C&D, and assist in all other owner-required responsibilities for COO to soft opening to grand opening. We ensure the owner's interest up to a year post-construction to secure the owner's warranties and maintenance agreements.

close up photo black Android smartphone
close up photo black Android smartphone
Projects text on pink and orange
Projects text on pink and orange
Project Management

We manage the construction project control systems by monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on the progress and status of the project and procurement schedules, daily activities performed by the contractor and trade contractors, and City permit inspections and timely corrections expected by the contractor.  We participate in the contractor's weekly progress meetings and coordinate monthly stakeholder meetings.  We conduct regular quality check walk-throughs with the contractor and observe equipment tags, safety perimeters, cleanliness, labor safety gear, signage, and required labor postings.

Documentation Control Systems

We manage project distribution and collection of all paperwork that flows through the jobsite from: receiving logs, MSDS, submittals, RFIs, field change requests, contract change orders, recycling receipts, equipment warranties, AIA Schedule of values for progress billings, lien releases, payment distributions, material BOLs, inventory logs, contractor's daily reports, jobsite daily sign-in sheets, labor releases, visitor logs, copies of all site contractors credentials (i.e., licenses, insurances, permits), safety compliance reports from the contractor as required by OSHA, extension of time requests, T&M expenses, jobsite supplies (i.e., utility billings, field office receipts, etc.), and daily project photos.

Procurement Management

We manage the FF&E, OS&E, OSM, Owner furnished contractor installed (OFCI) materials and equipment on behalf of the owner from planning, procurement, and coordination to soliciting RFQs to competitive analysis, to purchasing and installation.  We provide the owner with detailed accountancy of all owner-purchased items and discuss monthly payout schedules to ensure timely and prompt payments to prevent delays.  We coordinate the shipping and receiving, staging and installation, manage inventory and storage, and ensure quality and damage control.

Data storage and cloud network

We will develop a dedicated project webpage, implement and manage a project BIM application, utilize a team collaboration program, develop a project manual, allow easy access to all project-related forms, post updates on progress, provide an open-access job board for the community, and owner-accessible portal to manage project expenses and accounting records with dedicated access for owner's CPA.